Faith in the Fire: Daniel 3

In October of 2016, American Presbyterian pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife were snatched up by Turkish authorities on charges of inciting rebellion against the state. They had been faithfully serving as leaders of a small congregation of about 24 for 20 years. In this time, they were active in sharing the Gospel and helping refugees, including the Kurds, who … Read More

Praise Under Pressure: Daniel 2

I remember vividly one morning when I was in college and I was walking up the sidewalk on my way to class. It was a clear, brisk Kansas morning, and I had my swimming parka on. My mind was flooded with things college students typically think about- all the things that I needed to do, balancing schoolwork and relationships, and … Read More

Faith Under Fire: Daniel 1

This last week we took a quick holiday getaway to visit family in Dallas. It was great to see them, but we were really eager to get home on Wednesday. The boys were starting school on Thursday, Camilla had her first pregnancy checkup, and I had a huge load of work to do and was eager to get back in … Read More

Our Everlasting Father: John 1:1-18

When we look at Isaiah 9:6, the titles of Jesus there are so familiar that it is really easy to gloss over them. Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. They are poetic, elegant, truthful, and wonderful descriptions of who Jesus is, written more than 700 years before His birth. However, one of these terms can be exceedingly … Read More