Financial Folly: Luke 12:13-21

Have you ever wondered what you’d do if you won the lottery? Even those of us that don’t play still often dream of what we’d do if we did. I’ve never played in my life, and yet I’ve still daydreamed about it on occasion. It seems like a question just begging to be asked when we read in the news … Read More

Winning the War Against Worry: Matthew 6:25-34

What do you worry about? Or if I could ask directly, what are you worried about right now? All kinds of surveys have been done over the years asking Americans what their top worries are, and one word consistently, overwhelmingly, tops the list. Can you guess what that one word is? I’ll give you a hint: it is what this … Read More

Investing Wisely: Matthew 6:19-24

Do you ever think much about investments? That often depends on where you are in life. Children have little to no income and their parents provide for them. Young adults are often hesitant to set money aside when the budget is tight and they are living paycheck to paycheck. They’re simply focused on paying the bills. As we get older … Read More

Motivation for Ministry: Acts 8:9-25

  I grew up in a Christian home, accepted Christ when I was 6 years old, was baptized at the age of 12… but most of the time I spent in church during my childhood was more out of duty than anything else. Mom and Dad made me go, and I didn’t want to make God angry, so I went. … Read More