Remember Our Future: Daniel 9

If you could know the future, would you really want to? That kind of depends on whether we could change the future, right? If we could know the future, but not change it, that could be pretty discouraging. We could easily go down a road of fatalism and depression if the future was set in stone and there was nothing … Read More

Resolution: Nehemiah 11-13

Once upon a time, I was a scholarship athlete on the University of Kansas swimming team. While I was there, I developed an intense love for the Jayhawk basketball tradition. Their first coach, James Naismith, was actually the one who invented basketball with peach baskets back in 1891. They are the winningest college basketball program in history. I’ve never encountered … Read More

Rejoice: Nehemiah 8-10

Last Sunday I officiated a marriage between my friends Andrew and Andrea. Camilla and Andrea met on a mission trip through South America 16 years ago and formed a strong bond of friendship. They have stayed in touch through all this time- even though they’ve been on different continents. For a long time, Andrea was so involved in and focused … Read More