Remember: Nehemiah 1

Do you know what percentage of our brain the average person uses every day? One common figure that gets thrown around a lot is ten percent. This likely has its roots in a 1907 quote from by William James who is considered to be the father of American psychology. Here is what he said: “Every one is familiar with the … Read More

Thoughts on Ukraine

This morning I was saddened to see that full scale war has been declared by Russia on Ukraine, and invasion had begun. After spending some time in prayer and consideration, here are a few thoughts I wanted to share as we all wrestle with how to respond to this developing situation: War is awful. As the death toll mounts and … Read More

Release: Ezra 9-10

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to give up? All of us have been in a situation at some point when we are enjoying something, and it is bringing us great joy and fulfilment in life- but then someone comes onto the scene and says we need to give it up. Like my mean old doctor during my … Read More

Resolve: Ezra 7-8

What is your opinion on fair-weather fans? Would you consider yourself to be one? There will be millions of fair-weather fans out in force this weekend as Americans pick one of two teams to root for that they almost never cheer for. On the surface level, there is a lot of wisdom in cheering for the teams when the sun … Read More

Revival: Ezra 5-6

I have a brown thumb. I am not good at all at gardening or growing anything. One day we threw some Papaya seeds out in our backyard, and much to my surprise, new life began to grow. It was very exciting to watch these trees sprout up out of the ground- they grow about six inches a month at first, … Read More