Resistance: Ezra 4

Have you ever tried playing chess? The rules are fairly simple to pick up. Each side has 16 pieces of 6 different varieties, as each moves and attacks in unique ways. So the possibilities are actually almost endless. I learned to play chess as a young boy and struggled at it. I would sit there in my chair, looking across … Read More

Regather: Ezra 3

I recently had flat tire that needed replacing, so I went into a store this week to get it taken care of. When I was talking with the young man who was helping me, he asked me what I did for a living. When I mentioned I was a pastor, he talked about how he used to go to church, … Read More

Return: 2 Chronicles 36:15-23

What is your opinion on New Year’s Eve celebrations? I didn’t realize this until I googled it, but the internet has some pretty passionate opinions on New Years Eve. Some people look forward to it as a night to celebrate. To have a good time and enjoy one last night of merriment before new years resolutions kick in- sort of … Read More