A Portrait of Redemption: Ruth 4:13-22

Have you seen a tapestry before? These are beautiful pieces of art that are painstakingly created by weaving threads into a frame. The earliest examples that we have date back to ancient Egypt – around 14th century BC. The popularity of Tapestries grew through the centuries and peaked in the late middle ages – right before the renaissance. These were … Read More

Redeeming Romance: Ruth 4:1-12

  What makes a good love story? Do you have a favorite one? In one of my favorites, the Princess Bride, a young man named Westley falls in love with a young woman named Buttercup. They become separated when she is kidnapped and Westly stops at nothing to win her back. He sails the high seas, scales the cliffs of … Read More

Cultivating Character: Ruth 3:10-18

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” tells the tale of a wealthy young man in the 19th century who has a life-altering conversation while having an artist draw his portrait. While admiring this exceptionally well-drawn and handsome life-sized painting of himself, he laments that his youth will fade and one day he will grow old and wrinkled. In a moment of … Read More