Courageous Faith: Ruth 3:1-9

  The Irish have a tradition going back hundreds of years that on Leap Day, February 29, women are encouraged to propose to men. Legend has it that one day two 5th century saints from Ireland got into a heated debate on what to do about men dragging their feet and not proposing to women. What a foreign concept! They … Read More

The LORD Provides: Ruth 2:17-23

  Think of a time in your life when you were waiting to hear back on a verdict that was really important. We have many moments in our lives that are just pivotal. We’ve put in that job application in, and are waiting back to hear if we’ve been hired. We wait to hear back on the results of medical … Read More

Life Changing Generosity: Ruth 2:4-16

  Two years ago, our family found itself in about $750,000 in debt. It was no fault of our own- we had simply done everything we could to keep our son Joshua alive. He had a rare form of congenital muscular dystrophy that made it hard for him to swallow and protect his airway. As a consequence, he was constantly … Read More

New Beginnings: Ruth 1:19-2:3

July 4, 2011 was a momentous day in my life. I remember driving with Camilla on the way to her uncle’s house for a special BBQ with family and friends. We had been dating for several months, had gone ring shopping, and I had the final product in my possession. All I had to do was get the thing out … Read More