Transcending Trials: Genesis 41

Have you ever been called to jury duty? Oftentimes we try to get out of it at all costs. After all, it is an interruption to our schedule, and compensation is minimal, if anything. The last time I was called to jury duty was in Dallas, and the county was at least kind enough to pay for my parking while … Read More

Action Plan for Troubled Times: 2 Timothy 3

Action Plan for Troubled Times: 2 Timothy 3 I got some great news today: I’m officially COVID free! It has been a strange experience- unlike any sickness I’ve ever had before. The first thing I noticed was that my sense of smell was off, and it went away completely for nearly a week. It was actually quite unnerving not being … Read More

A New Day Dawns: Genesis 3

One of my favorite TV shows is called “Air Disasters”. Each episode focuses on an airline flight that experiences an emergency and comes down unexpectedly, typically with tragic consequences. These incidents usually make the news for a few days after they occur. News crews often capture chilling footage of the smoking remains of an airplane along with heartbreaking film of … Read More