Bright Hope for Tomorrow: Ephesians 3:14-21

Do you enjoy a good cliff-hanger? Probably not. They can be very frustrating right? You are watching a movie, caught up in the suspense, hanging on to every plot development and heroic turn of events. And just when you think the climax is going to hit home and bring the epic struggle to a conclusion, a new wrinkle in the … Read More

Authentic Worship

Authentic Worship: Romans 12:1-2 How do much you enjoy one-sided conversations? Probably not much. Neither do I. Just think of all the times these happen. The telemarketer calls and keeps trying to sell you something you don’t want, but no matter how many times you say “not interested”, they keep going. What about election folk that keep texting and calling … Read More

November 3 Survival Guide: Romans 13:1-7

  Election Survival Guide How stressed do you get during election years? Elections dominate the news cycle- so that every time we tune in to our favorite news source, we are inundated with the latest polls, candidates, and political hot topics. This year the news is focused on the violence in our cities, the uncertainty of what’s going on with … Read More