Together: 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

Were you paying attention during biology class? Remember all those many years ago, sitting in a classroom in high school, looking at how complicated the human body is and having to memorize all of the bones and muscles? If you need help remembering, there may have been a creepy skeleton on rollers in the corner of the room- or at … Read More

Pursuing Community: Psalm 133

Pursuing Community: Psalm 133 Have you been a part of a community where you just really felt at home?These are people and places in your life that fill your heart with positive feelings when you think about them. Maybe this was a school you attended and felt right at home with your fellow students. Have you been a part of … Read More

Pursuing Christ: Psalm 63

Pursue Christ: Psalm 63 In 1994, Sprite launched a new ad campaign with the tagline “Obey Your Thirst”. It was a catchy and effective campaign that you may remember – largely because it ran for 25 years and only ended last year.The premise of the ad was that when you are thirsty, you must act quickly! You need to do … Read More