“Hope Filled Future”

Hope Full Future Do you remember what long car rides were like as a child? Those could be stressful times, right? Nothing like trying to pack all your toys and clothes for that 8-hour trip, which seemed like an eternity! Then when everything is finally loaded into the car and everyone is sufficiently cramped and uncomfortable, it takes about 17 … Read More

We Are the Church: Philippians 4:1-3

We Are The Church: Philippians 4:1-3 In 1878 a dispute arose between two southern gentlemen over the ownership of a hog. One man claimed that because of the markings on the pig’s ears, the other man must have stolen it from him. The dispute became acrimonious as neither one of them was willing to concede to the other. The case … Read More

Responding to Our Fears: Psalm 46

Our Refuge and Strength: Psalm 46 Martin Luther’s name is etched in history as one who stood up to injustice and spiritual oppression in the 16th century, sparking a Reformation that changed the world. He brought us back to the message of the Bible, and that of Christ. All of us have fallen short of perfection. We’ve all lied, we’ve … Read More

Awestruck: Psalm 110

Awestruck: Psalm 110 When was the last time you were awestruck?Can you recall the last time you were captivated, mesmerized, fascinated, spellbound, or awestricken by something in your life? This occurs when we encounter something so wonderful, so beyond description, that our jaws hit the floor. We all have these moments. A sense of wonder is inherent in the heart … Read More