Get Together By Patty J. Willoughby

I’ve been writing blogs for my church’s website during this Coronavirus’ “Shelter-in-Place” edict. For some reason, I’ve been having lyrics from old songs come to mind, and sure enough,

I’ve found another that fits perfectly what I have witnessed in light of this pandemic.

Things are out of control on many levels. The catalyst, Covid-19, is wreaking mayhem within our community, our nation, and throughout the world. Thousands get ill, too many die from this monster virus. We are bombarded with constant updates every time we turn on the television, radio or computer and are given negative messages of illness, lost work, and failing finances.

People are helpless and afraid of the unknown. When will this end? What if I or someone I know gets sick? How can I plan my future? Recently our daughter made the decision to postpone her June wedding and it was such a stressful ordeal for all involved.

However, I have witnessed stories and acts of people showing kindness and love in light of these troubling times. I do have to give the media credit for actually airing some positive stories coming from this horrible situation when usually they tend to focus more on the negative.

So, here again, we see God’s Word confirmed — good can come from even difficult circumstances. People have stepped up and shown goodness and love in many ways. People not only helped family, friends, neighbors, but also reached out to help people whose names they did not know. It is a beautiful blessing to behold and that is why the Youngblood’s 1960’s song, “Get Together” came to mind.

The words to the refrain are, “Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try to love one another right now.”

As this virus continues to haunt our lives, we have a chance to completely trust in the sovereignty of God and see Him at work around us. We have opportunities to love one another and care for each other during this trying time. I pray later we’ll look back and be proud of the way we handled ourselves by helping others the way God unconditionally loves us and comes to our aid when we are in trouble.

So — Come on people, now. Smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try to love one another right now — and always.

Note: Dr. Patty J. Willoughby is part of the Christian Writers Group formed out of Christ Community Church. This blog originally appeared in Patty’s blog for her church’s website. Patty  and her husband moved from South Dakota to Florida when she retired from a career in education.

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