New Beginnings: Psalm 127

New Beginnings: Psalm 127 What do you want the post-COVID world to look like?I hope for the world to look like what it was, with a little more grace, gratitude, and love for each other. One where we can get back to work rebuilding our lives, working at our jobs, and connecting with our friends. We can step outside without … Read More

“God Shaped Hole” by DeVonna Allison

It was a lovely early summer morning when we discovered a brand-new foal in our pasture, the picture of spindle-legged perfection. We moved the new baby and her mother into a corral, away from the boisterous curiosity of the other horses to give them a chance to bond and recover from the delivery. All seemed well until a few days … Read More

Divine Desire: Psalm 42

Divine Desire: Psalm 42 What is the first thing you’d like to do when the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted? It has been exciting, even if a little scary, to see that life may be inching back towards “normal”. Maybe your job has been classified as “non-essential” and you are desperate to get back to working so you can pay bills. … Read More

“Choices” by Patty J. Willoghby

Several years ago I read the 2004 book entitled “The Paradox of Choice” by Barry Schwartz.  The story began with the author sharing his experience of going to The Gap to replace his ten year-old-worn-out jeans, expecting to get another of the same style, be done in five minutes and out the door.  Instead he was bombarded with almost a … Read More

Get Together By Patty J. Willoughby

I’ve been writing blogs for my church’s website during this Coronavirus’ “Shelter-in-Place” edict. For some reason, I’ve been having lyrics from old songs come to mind, and sure enough, I’ve found another that fits perfectly what I have witnessed in light of this pandemic. Things are out of control on many levels. The catalyst, Covid-19, is wreaking mayhem within our … Read More