Make Every Day Count: Psalm 90

Make Every Day Count: Psalm 90 What did you want to be when you grew up? Were you ever asked that question as a child? It was a wonderful question at a wonderful time- when the future was bright and full of endless possibilities. Do you remember the answers? My young Kindergarten colleagues were fire-fighters, teachers, policemen, doctors, scientists, astronauts, … Read More

The Battle at Engedi’s Wildgoat Rocks

P57 and 1 S24 The Battle at Engedi’s Wildgoat Rocks Margery Kisby Warder, March 13-19, 2020 Against the dampness of the rocks and deep within the cavern’s darkness he and his crowded cluster wait, grateful for the pause from pursuit. Questions duel doubts. Past and present clash. Must not fear be slain for this rightful king to reign? What stands, … Read More

Dave in a Cave: 3000 year-old lessons on trust amid isolation from Psalm 57

  Dave in a Cave: 3000 year-old lessons on trust amid isolation from Psalm 57 In the movie The Terminal- Tom Hanks portrays a man who is stuck in an airport terminal indefinitely due to a series of comical misfortunes. There is a revolution in his country and his passport is revoked mid-flight- rendering him unable to enter the United … Read More

The God-Shepherd: Psalm 23

Life's Greatest Question: Psalm 23 Have you ever stopped to think about the power of questions? We sure are asking a lot of them these days. Some of the top 10 questions asked on google, according to one site ( are: When are the NBA playoffs? Where’s my refund? What is love? Where am I? When are the early signs … Read More

Thankful during Covid-19: Psalm 118

Gender Reveal this Sunday! Today is a really big day in the Rice household, because we are about to discover the gender of our newest addition. This is surreal for me- as I thought we would be done after three. However, God has given us another precious little one that we can’t wait to meet. Finding out the gender of … Read More

“Hope In Pandemic” by DeVonna Allison

Where there is no vision (hope), the people perish…Proverbs 29:18 Life has changed dramatically for us in the past month. We are enclosed in our homes, seeing ominous reports in the news, and wondering when and if life as we knew it will be restored. I know I have been more anxious than normal during this time, and fear has … Read More