Knitting by DeVonna Allison

I like to knit. I get a lot of satisfaction out of creating something that has a specific purpose and has the potential to outlast me. When I was growing up I had a knitting Grandmother. Though my Grandmother is now in Heaven, I still keep a single slipper she made me when I was younger. The partner of the slipper is gone now, most likely lost in one of our many moves over the years. But that single slipper still makes me smile when I see it, because I know, from experience, that I was on her mind while she was making it. That little slipper is a connection to the love my Grandmother has for me.

I’ve spoken with other crafters and that’s how it is with them as well. When I am making a pair of socks, for instance, I think of the person who will wear it, throughout the creative process. Will they like the color and pattern? Will it fit properly? Will the sock last? I can almost picture the person’s face when I present them with the finished product.

In Psalm 139:13-18 the Psalmist speaks of his joy in knowing that the Lord Himself, knit him together in his mother’s womb and of all the Lord’s thoughts toward him, throughout life. We are each of us, God’s ultimate creation. We are constantly growing, developing in this life and the Lord is overseeing it all, in love. His word assures us that He is not only aware of our growth, He is intimately involved with it. Think of it! He sees us each and every day, knowing what we face and what we fear. He knows the lessons that life will teach us today and is in fact, the Teacher.

The knowledge of God’s intimate involvement in my life gives me help and hope and comfort. Just as my Grandmother crafted my slippers with love and anticipation, we know the Lord enjoys watching as we grow and develop throughout our lives. What a thrill to know that the Lord of the Universe has His own hands on me, every day of my life.


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  1. Thank you, DeVonna, for sharing your thoughts. We used Psalm 139 as a birth announcement for our daughter.. I often refer to 139. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Devonna! Miss you and appreciate the fact that we can still stay in touch when we are far from each other.

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