Christ Community Church provides selected video of sermons by Peter Magnuson. Never miss an important sermon when you are away traveling, home for the summer or otherwise unable to make a Sunday service.

Assignment Night is Coming

December 3, 2017
Pastor Peter Magnuson

Escape from Cuba

September 24,2017
Al Dominquez

Relevance of Creation Part II

August 27, 2017
Pastor Peter Magnuson

Relevance of Creation Part I

August 20, 2017
Pastor Peter Magnuson

The Meaning of the Lord’s Supper

March 5, 2017
Peter Magnuson

Pumping up your Prayer Life, using just the F.A.C.T.S.

February 2, 2017
Peter Magnuson

How Can We Know Jesus is God?

April 14, 2013
Peter Magnuson

God, the Military and the Use of Lethal Force

November 6, 2011
Peter Magnuson