Pastoral Search Team Nominating Process

April 28,2017

The Elders have asked Peter Magnuson to chair the Pastoral Search Team, and Ross Lehman to be a member of the team. The elders would like congregational recommendations as to who should be the additional 4-6 members.

Please consider the following factors as you recommend persons for the search team: people of prayer, people with different ministry interests and experience, people with gifts of wisdom and discernment, and people committed to the process and to seeking the Holy Spirit for the next pastor of CCC. The team will be made up of both men and women and comprised mostly of members of CCC. However there may also be non-members who are regular attenders who have unique experience that could benefit the search team. (A church directory is attached.)

Ballots will be handed out during the worship service on April 30 and May 7, and a copy will be made available on the church website under the “Elders” tab. Every adult (member as well as non-member) may complete a ballot and place it in the offering box at the back of the sanctuary or give it to the church office no later than Sunday, May 7.

The elders hope to name the Pastoral Search Team by May 20, and then the team will meet with our District Superintendent Glen Schreiber for their initial meeting. Thank you for your prayers and your input on this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call any one of the elders:

Dave Phelps 347-5968
George Rowe 427-4915
Peter Magnuson 307-5646
Branko Dimovski 427-7366

In Christ, The Elder Board of Christ Community Church