Beyond “Hello” Relationship Building Initiative

February 16,2017

One of our core values at Christ Community Church is Growing in Community. In any church you cannot know everyone, but every person needs to be known. On a basic level, that means talking and sharing experiences together.

On a deeper level, it means making the decision to be transparent, encouraging one another and eventually praying for one another.

We are emphasizing closer relationships through a new initiative called Beyond “Hello”. Over the next few months, we are asking members of our church family to sign up and attend a gathering either at someone’s home or at another location. The gathering may be just for coffee, or to have lunch or dinner. On Some may want to gather and go see an upcoming movie or concert. The opportunities for connecting are endless!

The goal of Beyond “Hello” is for our church family to get to know one another and share life in Christ. Beyond “Hello” is also an opportunity to invite neighbors and non-church friends into a comfortable setting, in the hope that they would see Christ living among our church family.

We are eager to see and hear what God does among us as we join together and gather in His name!

“Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt…” Colossians 4:2